Get Back Up!

As women of God, I think sometimes we get all caught up thinking that our lives need to be pretty and calm and have that “I have it all together” appeal. We feel that we need to have perfect looking package on the outside to be able to ‘set the example’ for other christian women…. Well, God said to me- ‘you’re not doing anyone any favours by trying to look as though you have it all together- especially not yourself.’ Our lives aren’t always pretty or perfect and if you know a woman who claims she has it all together, well…. (insert whisper voice here) I think she might be fibbing 0.o

I’m here today to talk to you in my video about how I messed up very big this passed weekend. I was far from a picture perfect mom, wife or daughter of God. I was caught up in real life and lost focus of Jesus. I started to believe the doubts the enemy was whispering to me. I gave the devil a foothold by allowing those lies to penetrate my heart and mind. Click on the link below to watch the video


Here are the verses that I referenced- look them up and meditate upon them:

*Proverbs 24:16 tells us that the righteous DO fall but to get back up when we do!

*Ephesians 2:4 tells us that we have been saved by grace! (NOT BY WORKS)
We are not saved by what we do or don’t do. We are saved through having faith in Jesus Christ. Plain and simple. Let His grace change your heart….

*Nehemiah 9:17 reminds us that God is compassionate, always forgiving, merciful and rich in unfailing love- (EVEN WHEN WE MESS UP)
Look up these verses for yourselves and really let the truth sink in.

Please feel free to share your comments/thoughts below. I LOVE hearing about what God is doing in your lives and I would love to pray with you if you’re going through something similar to what I just described.



4 thoughts on “Get Back Up!

    • Amen Eileen! God is good! REMEMBER- even when we fall- He picks us back up and gently nudges us forward- NO MATTER WHAT. He’ll NEVER walk out on us so let’s cling to Him ❤

  1. Thank you Tara for the encouragement, I can relate with you. God bless you! Satin really does get us down when we are weak spiritually/mentally/ or physically! Thank you

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