A Wife In Progress (series) Part 1

OK ladies! I think that my video pretty much says it all at this point so there’s not too much to write…  God has been saying “focus on your family, focus on your marriage”- for months now I get a little nudge every single day…He’s been reminding me over and over ‘family before ministry’- and day after day I feel that I’ve failed in putting my husband first.  Every day that I’d sense this nudge, I’d follow with “HOOOWWWWW do I do that???? How do I put my family first?” I’d had the false notion that to put family first meant that I had to ignore my needs, desires, dreams and visions from God and spend every spare moment with my husband and children.  And this morning, revelation came…. Please watch my video …… (Click the link below if you can’t see the video)

So, the title of the book I’m reading (because I didn’t do a very good job of showing you the book in my video! sorry bout that) is called…. The Beautiful Wife by Sandy Ralya

I hope to connect with you on this journey… xox



4 thoughts on “A Wife In Progress (series) Part 1

    • I agree Erin! I have that book. Mind you, I read it about 5 years ago…..before children- and it was a completely different season in my marriage…I’m sure it would be great to read again at this time in my life 🙂 Maybe I’ll revisit it again after this book…

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