A Wife In Progress (series) Part 3- Prayer and Accountability

Hi sweet friends! I’m so glad to be back with you today!! So this video below pretty much says it all….no need for me to write much at all.

I love you and God bless!

Below, under the video, you’ll see some questions and areas to reflect upon. Feel free to go over them and feel free to leave a comment. Let’s do this together! If you can’t see the video click here.


~ I will be intentional about praying for my husband daily. When are some times through out the day that you can pray for your husband and make a point of praying for him even when life gets busy?- For me, it’s when I’m doing something for my husband i.e.- folding his laundry, cooking his supper.

~I will be sure to find an accountability partner- another woman who loves Jesus who will stand and pray for me and my marriage. Do you have someone to stand beside you for encouragement and prayer?

3 thoughts on “A Wife In Progress (series) Part 3- Prayer and Accountability

  1. Beautifully put Tara! Im working on these things as well and its very encouraging to know other people are praying for me and my marriage as well! Thanks again for sharing this! Hope to chat wiyh you in person soon!

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