Are You Living off of Yesterdays Manna?

You know it’s so subtle…. that little shift in my thinking, my motivation, my intentions.

Let me explain.

I know in my heart that I need Jesus to fill me daily. I know in my heart that I need to read His Word daily to be filled up- to be fed spiritually. HE is the one that gives the desire TO desire more of Him. It’s a prayer that I pray continuously – “Lord, give me a desire to read  Your Word DAILY  and when I read Your Word, to then walk in obedience to it. Lord, show me what You want me to see and teach me YOUR ways.”

And so there I go, awake early each morning 5 am- in the Word, receiving NEW revelation from Him, getting filled up with His love so that I can walk in His love throughout the day. When I’m in His Word first thing in the morning, being intentional about loving on Him, seeking Him and learning from Him, my day is led by The Spirit and not by my flesh.

And here comes the subtle shift…..

I’m tired at 5 am- so just for today, I’ll role over in bed, grab my phone and I’ll read my devo app- skim through the outlined scripture and say a quick prayer that what I’ve just read will stick with me throughout the day….and as fast as I read it, it leaves my mind and my heart…I get up and go about my daily routine after laying in bed 20 minutes later then I had planned.

It’s my lunch break at work… I have time to dive into the Word and really pray and seek Him, but I chose to pop online and see what others are up to on Facebook and just enjoy my ‘break’….

I get home, do the diner thing, bath night for the kiddos, treadmill, kids tucked in to bed….ahhhhhh time to relax after all of that 🙂 So I get online and see what my Online Bible Study group has been up to. I pray for them, for my friends, for my family. I tell Jesus how much I love Him. I read a great spiritual growth book. I ask God to bless the works of my hands and before I know it, it’s bed time.

All of that dear friends, is an example of what my days become if I get lazy and unintentional about spending good quality time with The Lord daily.

I frequently need to pull myself back and refocus. I need to ask myself these questions- Am I spending more time serving The Lord- in other words, am I spending more time ‘doing for Jesus’ then just ‘being’ with Jesus. Am I spending more time praying for others then I am in the Word? Am I desiring to be in God’s plans, therefore asking Him what HE wants..or am I desiring Him to be in MY plans- telling Him what I want?

Bottom line- I can’t live off of what God showed me yesterday. I can’t live off of what He taught me yesterday. Just like I can’t live off of the food I ate yesterday and expect it to sustain me for 5 days before I eat again. Spiritually I need to eat daily and I am not going to get filled up by strictly  serving Jesus. I am not going to get filled up by praying for others. I  am  not going to get filled up by skipping my quiet time with Jesus. It’s in those quiet times, alone, with Jesus and in His Word that I am going to get filled up. NOTHING will replace that time with Jesus and nothing will substitute that time with Jesus-Nothing.

❤ Blessings ❤

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