Press On

Life can change so quickly. Determination can fade to hesitation. Enthusiasm can fade to lukewarmness. Confidence can fade to doubt or confusion. This doesn’t happen over night friends. It doesn’t come with warning. It’s the plan of the enemy to have you (and me) slowly fade into a place of ‘going through the motions’. The devil is VERY patient and will try and do what ever it takes to get us to become distracted with everything around us so that we pay less attention to others and Jesus.

So many thing have been trying to take precedence over my time with Jesus. My pregnancy, work, children, my own desires….. so many things in this world can come before Jesus and before you know it, time spent with Jesus becomes a little less and less and the other things we focus on become more and more. Mind you-all of the things I listed above (pregnancy, children, work….) they all do need my time and attentions as God has entrusted those things to me- but they should never consume me to the point of putting Jesus last on the list.

As I look out side on this spring day- I see no signs of spring. I see snow…and lot’s of it. Sometimes we become so wearing with just everyday life- things never seems to change or we lack excitement for life. And that to can distract us from our sweet Jesus. We start to get down, and mope because our lives aren’t what we want them to be or they don’t look like what we thought they would look like. But I know that just like the snow outside on my deck…even though it’s been around for such a long period of time this winter, that spring is still going appear.

This is but a season and even when we don’t think God is moving in these times, HE IS. Our focus must remain on Him and it must remain steadfast every day. Even when life piles up on us with distractions…even when weariness tries to set it- make intentional to focus on Him each and everyday…even if it’s with one verse that you read out of your bible- put it up on your mirror on a post it. Put it on your desk at work. Put it over your children’s beds, the fridge, the door, anywhere that you will see it. Wake up a bit early to read that devotional and really focus on the scripture. Pray first thing in the morning. Pray with your children at breakfast time….the list goes on.

You might not have excitement each and everyday but God will reward you for pressing on EVEN when life is trying to press you down.

❤ Blessings  my sweet friends ❤

One thought on “Press On

  1. 🙂 Praying for you, my Special friend, that God’s Presence will invade your life and continue to bring a sweet aroma to those around you. Love you sister ❤ Dianna

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