It’s Not You, It’s Me

Yes God, I trust you. Yes God, I KNOW that You can do great and mighty things. Yes God, I know you are who You say You are. You are the great I AM, The Creator of the universe- of all things good. You are the Miracle maker and The One who turns the impossible into the possible. You are are holy and worthy to be praised.

You are able.


You are awesome.


You are God and You are good…


It’s not You that I doubt God……..It’s me. I doubt myself. I doubt my abilities. I doubt my strength. 


And so as I started reading “Limitless Life” By Derwin L. Gray for an upcoming bible study, I start to realize the negative labels I’ve allowed to attach to myself throughout out my life…not good enough, not smart enough, not emotionally stable enough. Not, not, not….. All the things that I am not…


But God….all the things that YOU ARE. It’s not my strength that makes me strong- It’s YOURS. It’s not my knowledge that makes me smart- it’s Your wisdom that guides me. It’s not my feelings that need to determine my reactions- It’s Your truths that sets me free.


It’s YOU. Not me. And so I have it all backwards. It’s not supposed to be all about all that I am not but it’s supposed to be about all that YOU are. And so Lord I pray this simply but profound prayer:


Lord, MORE of YOU and LESS of ME ~ John 3:30

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