Peace During the Storm

1 Peter 5:7 ~ Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.

I’ve had my moments the last few days (or nights I should say) when I just want to cry and become overwhelmed….

I continue to wake up at night with the episodes of gasping for air- some nights I just don’t fully allow myself to fall into a deep sleep because if I’m awake, I can manage it a lot easier by remaining calm and trying to breath through my nose and not my mouth. If I panic and gasp for air through my mouth, this causes the seal over my air way to closed off even more.

(If you have not read my previous post explaining what I’ve been facing –  you can click here to read it.)

I now go to sleep with my bible open at my bedside- I chose scriptures to meditate on before bed and a peace comes over me. I still feel a restlessness but in the midst of it all, there is a peace- a peace knowing that Jesus is here. There’s also a hopefulness within me- that I will be healed. There’s a trust in the midst of all of this- that God is allowing me to walk through this for a reason- there’s a purpose behind it even if I don’t understand it right now.

I’m so extremely grateful and thankful. I’m thankful that Jesus continues to draw me to Him even through my trials. I’m thankful that He is teaching me to trust Him and to be content in all things. I’m thankful that during this battle that I face, He has led me to a deeper place of intimacy with Him. I’m thankful that He has been helping me to take my eyes off of me and and has led me into prayer for others in need. He has been my strength.

Don’t get me wrong. I still ask every day and wonder all the time ‘WHY’? Why, of all things, is it THIS that I have to face? What is the reason behind it? Maybe one day I will know…maybe I won’t. All I know is that God is good. God loves me. God has a plan and His plans are GOOD.

Life is precious. Jesus gave me life. I’m learning and believing that although we face trials, He does want us to live for Him and that is when we will be fully satisfied.

I continue to ask for prayer sweet friends. I can’t get in to see my doctor until next Tuesday- and to be honest, I’m believing for a miracle before Tuesday! Will you stand with me and believe with me?

And please let me know how I can pray for you in the comments below. I would be honoured to pray for you!



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