Mom Life January 1st

Mom Life can be difficult to maneuver!!

There’s really nothing “easy” about being a mom of five. There’s a lot of hard work, messy tears (from the kids and from me), lot’s of sweat and awkward moments (as you can see from my video!)

As mom’s we need to have someone greater than ourselves. Greater than our might and greater than our ways.

We need one who can maneuver us through life’s challenges, trials, difficulties and hopeless moments. And I’m pretty sure that all you moms can attest to this truth.

The One I speak of is Jesus. Like me in the video above, motherhood can cause us to feel squeezed in and at times isolated and frustrated while we try to do our very best but most times like our very best is still not good enough.

Jesus IS good enough. That’s a truth you CAN stand on. He has the answers we seek. He is our strength when we are week. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Mom’s in your struggles, you are doing good. It’s ok that you’re not perfect. It’s more than ok sweet friends – Because Jesus is perfect. And what a sweet sweet thing to know that you are invited to lean on Him, learn from Him and rest in Him.

Happy New Year sweet mom’s. Let this be a fresh start to a new year in which we can say “I’m not perfect. I struggle. And that’s ok. Because I have Christ in my life to guide me through and I will grow and I will learn and I won’t give up.”

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